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Tickets are available at every Sarnia Sting home game for autographed game-used, game-ready and replica Sarnia Sting jerseys. All proceeds go to support Sting Assists community initiatives.

Winning Numbers

Date Prize Winning Number(s)Claimed Status Winner’s Name
September 10, 2023#22 Autographed Sandis Vilmanis Jersey2897952ClaimedLeanne Lavers
September 20, 2023#11 Autographed Zach Filak Jersey1113977ClaimedDavid Filak
September 22, 2023#31 Autographed Nick Surzycia Jersey4014200ClaimedArthur Michael
September 29, 2023#15 Autographed Marko Sikic Jersey2897386ClaimedJadranka Sikic
October 4, 2023#74 Autographed Ethan Ritchie Jersey4013585ClaimedLaurie Fach
October 6, 2023#70 Autographed Ben Gaudreau Jersey4014416ClaimedKevin Dunn
October 13, 2023#16 Autographed James Barr Jersey8419293ClaimedGloria Atkins
October 14, 2023#22 Autographed Sandis Vilmanis Jersey4989987ClaimedHenri Lebelle
October 27, 2023#9 Autographed Cooper Way Jersey2990897ClaimedSandra Bucci
October 29, 2023#23 Autographed Ryan Brown Jersey1112373ClaimedLonnie Taker
November 3, 2023#12 Autographed Easton Wainwright Jersey0367981ClaimedKimberly Daye
November 5, 2023#24 Autographed Daylen Moses Jersey 1472681ClaimedShawn Ruzik
November 5, 2023Suite or 20 Tickets to November 19th gameL-8257887Unclaimed
November 17, 2023#93 Dennis Lominac4989775Unclaimed
November 19, 2023#44 Duncan Schneider1471255Unclaimed
November 27, 2023#25 Autographed Tyson Doucette Jersey0366407ClaimedMichael Schlumberger
December 1, 2023#4 Autographed Jacob LeBlanc Jersey4294587ClaimedLonnie Taker
December 3, 2023#72 Autographed Hughston Hurt Jersey1471963ClaimedChristopher Helle