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Tickets are available at every Sarnia Sting home game for autographed game-used, game ready and replica Sarnia Sting jerseys. All proceeds go to support Sting Assists community initiatives.

Winning Numbers

Date Prize Winning Number(s)Claimed Status Winner’s Name
September 9, 2022#14 Brayden Guy Autographed Jersey 45350385Claimed Meghan Douglas
September 24, 2022#16 Theo Hill Game Worn Autographed Jersey 95826487Claimed Mark Milliken
October 7, 2022#70 Ben Gaudreau Autographed Game Worn Jersey 21662513Claimed Edwin Vidler
October 9, 2022#3 Ryan Mast Autographed Game Worn Jersey 9032343Claimed Ryan Campbell
October 12, 2022 #18 Autographed Game Worn Nolan Dillingham Jersey 2662701ClaimedPeter Rigakos
October 14, 2022#11 Autographed Replica Zach Filak Jersey 4456423ClaimedJennifer LaForest
October 21, 2022#15 Autographed Game Worn Marko Sikic Jersey 5609014ClaimedErin Helps
October 22, 2022#22 Autographed Game Worn Sandis Vilmanis Jersey 7242812ClaimedDavid Wilkins
October 28, 2022#3 Autographed Replica Ryan Mast Jersey9032401ClaimedNatasha Hayley
November 2, 2022#31 Autographed Replica Nick Surzycia Jersey9032798ClaimedEdward Kimura
November 6, 2022#24 Autographed Game Worn Austin Harper Jersey7241003ClaimedJoey Robinson
November 11, 2022#17 Autographed Replica Alexis Daviault Jersey6138432ClaimedMichael Hanki
November 18, 2022#94 Autographed Game Worn Porter Martone Jersey6138437ClaimedAdam Newman
November 23, 2022#2 Autographed Game Ready Josh Hoover Jersey5608668ClaimedRobert Abbey
November 25, 2022#93 Autographed Game Ready Marcus Limpar-Lantz Jersey4077319ClaimedCovey Bird
December 2, 2022#17 Autographed Game Ready Alexis Daviault Jersey4457932ClaimedSandra Goodacre
December 4, 2022#96 Autographed Replica Ty Voit Jersey9032762ClaimedJohn Clarke
December 9, 2022#2 Autographed Game Ready Josh Hoover Jersey4443594ClaimedChristopher O’Brien
December 11, 2022#86 Autographed Game Ready Nolan Burke Jersey9369075ClaimedJanet Vandequchte
December 14, 2022Team Signed Game Ready Sarnia Sting Jersey4443950ClaimedDavid DeGraw
December 30, 2022Team Signed Game Ready Sarnia Sting Jersey6138691ClaimedJeffery Roberts
January 6, 2023#9 Autographed Game Ready Cooper Way Jersey9369160ClaimedTina Drew-Morgan
January 20, 2023#74 Autographed Game Ready Ethan Ritchie Jersey9032982ClaimedThomas Marshall
January 21, 2023#31 Autographed Game Ready Nick Surzycia Jersey9370781ClaimedTracey Summers